Defining Features: Aberrant Dragonmarks

Defining Features is the segment where I talk about the feats and features that define our characters, what they mean in my campaign world and what new ones are up for use. Today I’m going to discuss a companion piece to my last Defining Features: Aberrant Dragonmarks.

Through torture, dark deals, and other unsavory means, there are other dragons who have survived the purge and gained enough power to make Dragonmarks, and through equally dark means, they have learned the secrets of how.

Ashardalon, the Demon Dragon, the Infernal Wyrm, is one such wielder of the marks of Aberrant power. His mark is the Mark of Fury, the demon within him howling to escape and forever unable to, just as he cannot return to our world or join the abyss.

Nadir, the Shadow Dragon, the Dweller in the Dark, has also formed his own mark, a mark that takes his own visceral fear and shares it with others from his seat deep in the Shadowdark; the Mark of Terror.

Gladrigor, The Corrupt, the Bloated, the Plague-Wyrm, banished to the farthest reaches of the darkest and sickest realms of the earth, somewhere between the Shadowfell and the normal world; between life and death, sickness. His touch is in his Mark; the Mark of Contagion.

Ishangaul, the Whisperer, the Chaos Wyrm, the Three-Eyed Dragon is another great dragon who has fallen from his post. Touched by the forces of the nightmare realm beyond the Scar, he is constantly muttering and rambling, never free from voices speaking to him from beyond our reality, in his great chasm, home to a Rift. His is the Mark of Madness.


Mark of Fury
Benefit: Whenever you hit an enemy with a daily
attack power, that enemy takes a -2 penalty to all
attack rolls not basic attacks, but gains a
+1 to all basic attack rolls.
Special: The bonus in this power applies only to
Melee Basic Attacks and Ranged Basic Attacks, not
to any power that allows you to use them instead
of a Melee or Ranged Basic Attack.

New Ritual

Aberrant Mark of the Dragon
Level: 1
Cost: 15 gp plus exotic component, special
Category: Permanent
Market Price: —
Time: 1 Hour
Key Skill: Arcana

The caster enscribes an arcane and esoteric pattern onto the
flesh of a touched individual. This symbol is enscribed with
special herbs and inks costing 15 gp. Further, blood of a true
dragon is required to grant the mark its real power. Without, the
blood, the mark is permanent, but cosmetic, giving no change
statistically. The blood is often willing given by the Aberrant Dragon
Patron however.
Even the blood is not entirely enough. You must also satisfy the
spirit of the dragon from whom they are receiving the mark. When
the Mark is finished, it opens a link to the dragon who’s mark
they are receiving and during the recipient’s next extended rest
they will be visiting by the dragon and asked to prove themselves
worthy of the Aberrant Dragonmark. Often being willing to mark
oneself is enough.
If the PC has already performed sufficient deeds to satisfy the
Dragonmark Patron, then the mark activates first thing the next
morning granting the user the appropriate Aberrant Dragonmark Feat.
If they have not, then the Patron will give them some task to prove
themselves. Once they have completed their task, after their
next extended rest they will gain the appropriate Aberrant
Dragonmark Feat.
The magic that binds other Dragonmarks is not complete in the aberrant
marks and often the wielding the mark can have dangerous if not
disastrous consequences. An Aberrant Dragonmark received through this
ritual always has the following lines added to the benefit section:
“Furthermore, any time you roll a natural 1 or a natural 20, you are subject to you
Aberrant Dragonmark’s effect.”

Defining Features: Aberrant Dragonmarks

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