Class Acts: Lore Keepers

In this week’s Class Acts we explore another ancient tradition of Rune Priests; the elvish Lore Keeper. Working closely with the Tree Singers, Lore Keepers have a very important role in Wild Elf and Wood Elf society.

At the center of every wild elf village and most wood elf villages are large and venerable tree called Heart Trees. These ancient oaks, maples, and sycamores are the centers of lore for these villages containing all the significant events of the families and people that live there. These trees are inscribed with ancient and sacred runes that tell these stories. With the help of the Tree Singer, these great verdant vessels grow as the village grows. Should one of these ancient and venerable trees be harmed or destroyed the village is often abandoned, for fear that the inhabitants will share their Heart Tree’s fate. And the elf that inscribes these runes upon these living records and keeps them safe is the Lore Keeper.

The Lore Keeper is taught in a special discipline from a very young age, taught the sacred runes of life, the Iafa tree, and the elvish people. They are taught the runes for valuing freedom and life, alongside the runes for order and justice, all for the sake of serving the community and holding it together. Due to the difficulty of learning the Runes, the Lore Keeper is a life-long position. However, even long-lived elves eventually die, so they often take apprentices and begin teaching them young. Then the young Lore Keepers are encouraged to go out in the world, to embrace the “wanderlust” so common among the elven people, so that when the time comes they can assume the mantles and duties of the Lore Keeper without reservation.

Lore Keepers follow the Serene Blade teaching of the runes and favor runes feats that increase their knowledge and protection abilities. They only use the Rune of Destruction when absolutely necessary, as it goes against their preservist teachings. It is also very common for the Lore Keeper to take Heavenly Halberdier, making a spear or polearm whose shaft is made out of a sapling sprout of the Heart Tree.

Rune of Growth
Prerequisite: Runepriest
Benefit: When an ally spends a healing surge, he
regains 1 extra hit point for each Rune feat you

Rune of Knowledge
Prerequisite: Runepriest
Benefit: You gain a bonus to your Nature, Arcana,
History, and Religion checks equal to the number of
rune feats you possess.

Lore Keeper Background:

years spent learning from the elder Lore Keeper have taught you the importance of nature to your people while keeping you grounded to their needs. Now you have been set off on your wanderlust journey, to learn of the world and return to guide and keep the Heart Tree. So you set off with blade (or glaive) to seek grand new horizons, with your people in your heart.
Benefit: Add Nature or History to your class skills, or gain a +2 in either one.

Class Acts: Lore Keepers

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