Nephrit Gydd

A quirky half-elf adventurer with an insatiable lust for ancient goblin knowledge.


Half Elf, 20 years old
Rogue 1
Skill Training: Stealth, Thievery, Dungeoneering, History
Shortsword + 6 / 1d6 + 3 (3d6 + 3 with combat advantage)
Gloaming Cut +6 / 1d6 (3d6 with combat advantage) and she may shift three squares and attempt to hide in the shadows.


A half-elf, young by her race’s standards but very accomplished. She views herself not as a half-elf but as a Lituan and therefore has little faith in either humans or elves. However, her passion, her driving force in this life has been researching and discovery ancient goblin ruins.

Perhaps her fascination stems from how a people once so powerful as to have their own empire can become what they are now; debased simple hero fodder, drenched in their own bile and feces. Or perhaps stories about the Six Sorcerer-Kings told to her as a child left her with a wonder than never departed. Or maybe she plays a part in a scheme much larger than herself. No matter what her reason, her passion and drive to unearth the ancient ruins of the sorcerer kings and find their secrets remains and drives her on.

Arduous and painstaking research have lead to Neph discovering the hidden location of all the ruins that supposedly housed pieces of Arkaantaash; the goblin name for the Ashen Crown. She keeps her notes on her person most of the time.

She is slight in build and short of height (5’5") with big tin rimmed spectacles spent from already having a lifetime of reading. However, though her frame is slight it is lithe as her research is not just done behind a desk. She keeps her warm brown hair bound up in a bun most of he time, but when she lets it down it is a little longer than her shoulders.

Nephrit Gydd

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